Smart Home Elder Wellness

About Inhabitech

Inhabitech empowers older adults to age gracefully and safely in place while continuing to lead healthy and vibrant lives. Our platform supports their wellness and their network of caregivers through relevant and intuitive analytics and alerts.

How It Works

Inhabitech detects potential health changes earlier than has ever been possible before without thousands of dollars of specialized equipment.

Inhabitech’s Hestia analyzes data from a flexible mix-and-match set of many different sensors, both in-home and wearable. The system combines all of that data, and looks for changes in your normal daily patterns.

The results of the analysis are shown in easy to read visuals, and can trigger alerts when trends or events could indicate symptoms. The information can also be shared with your physician or caregiver to draw a more complete picture of wellness.

You can share your dashboard with your loved ones or caregivers, allowing them to non-intrusively help you stay healthy and independent.

The goal of Hestia is not to diagnose illness. It is to recognize changes in your health as early as possible, so that your primary care physician can be consulted, rather than an emergency room doctor.









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