The Health Aware Smart Home™

Our goal at Inhabitech is to provide both adults and caregivers peace of mind about their own or their loved ones day to day well being and quality of life. We turn the smart home into a health and wellness tracking device with our Hestia™ system to provide insights into living environments and daily activity patterns indicative of health and wellness

How Hestia™ Works

Hestia is a software platform that is able to collect data from a wide array of in home sensors, wearables, and wellness devices such as smart-scales and blood pressure cuffs about a single individual. Hestia learns a baseline health and wellness behavior pattern. Our current usecase is focused on older adults who live alone and who may have a group of caregivers looking after them. Hestia is able to recognize changes in behavior patterns earlier than the human eye and detecting these changes earlier can help retain independence, health, and wellness for longer. Parameters can be set up for alerting which will be unique to each user, and will notify either the older adult themselves, caregivers and potentially medical services depending on the individual’s universe of care.

Hestia™ Caregiver

Recognize changes in yours and/or your loved one’s health as early as possible, so health issues can be prevented.

Hestia analyzes data from a flexible set of unintrusive sensors, both in-home and wearable.

The system combines the data, and looks for changes in a senior's normal daily patterns.

When the system recognizes an unusual situation or potentially negative change, an alert is sent to the senior and their caregivers and/or care provider.

Hestia™ Embedder API

Adding health and wellness information will help keep your customers within your app for all of their care support needs.

Hestia API integration provides the value of remote monitoring and behavioral trend analysis within your application.

All features are available via Cloud-based API, for a completely white-label integration.

Hestia is currently integrated with a range of low-cost off-the-shelf sensors and fitness monitoring devices, with more coming online all the time.

Hestia™ Research API

Transform a smart home into a connected wellness device, and get right to data collection and analysis.

Hestia Sensor Data Integration Platform (SDIP) is a home focused IoT sensor data integration platform, designed from the ground up to be a sensor agnostic, scalable, and pluggable.

Integrations with Fitness and medical devices allow multiple complex data streams to be stored, managed, analysed, and shared.

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