Our Goal:

Give caregivers peace of mind about their loved one's day to day well being and quality of life, by making their smart home aware of their health.

What is a Health Aware Smart Home?

Many health issues cause small changes in daily patterns. Detecting these changes earlier can help seniors stay healthy and independent.

Inhabitech’s Hestia system provides insight into living environment and daily activity patterns, and recognizes changes in seniors’ patterns as early as possible, so that a physician can be consulted about what those changes might indicate.

Current Status

Hestia analyzes data from a flexible mix-and-match set of many different sensors, both in-home and wearable.


The system combines all of that data, and looks for changes in a senior's normal daily patterns, detecting potential changes earlier.


When the system recognizes a potentially negative change, an alert is sent to the senior and their caregivers and/or care provider.

Provide your customers with peace of mind and context about their care recipient’s life without having to leave your application.

Embedding Hestia allows you to easily add the value of remote monitoring and trend analysis directly into your own application.

All features are available via Cloud-based API, for a completely white-label integration.

Hestia is currently integrated with a range of low-cost off-the-shelf sensors and fitness monitoring devices, with more coming online all the time.

  • Live Event Feed
  • At-a-glance status summary
  • In-depth historical and trend analysis
  • Rendered basic data visualizations in standard formats
  • Configuration and live feed of alerts
  • Care Recipient account creation and configuration