Hestia™ Caregiver Solution

Current Status

Hestia™ analyzes data from a flexible mix-and-match set of many different sensors, both in-home and wearable.


The Hestia™ system combines all the data, and looks for changes in a senior's normal daily patterns, detecting potential changes earlier.


When the system recognizes a potentially negative change, an alert is sent to the older adult and their caregivers and/or care provider.

Inhabitech’s Hestia™ platform provides insight into the living environment and daily activity patterns that happen in and around the home using smart home sensor technology, wearables and other medical devices. 

Understanding patterns and trends Hestia™ is able to see and recognize changes as early as possible, so that a family caregiver or professional can be consulted about what those changes might indicate and then take action as needed. The best way to stay safe and healthy as we get older is to pay attention to the many small changes in our daily behavior patterns. Detecting these changes earlier can help catch possible health issues and help loved ones stay healthy and independent.

We are working with a number of digital caregiving tools who support the universe of care where multiple family members and/or professional caregivers are looking after a loved one. Providing them with the information that their loved one is safe and healthy whether in their own home or a facility.

If you look after older adults and would like to learn more, please send an email to info@inhabitech.com to start a conversation.