Provide peace of mind to your customers without leaving your application via the Hestia™ API. Health and Wellness information about your customers loved one is integrated into your platform. 

Inhabitech’s Hestia™ system makes a smart home aware and supportive of its resident’s health. Hestia connects common smart home and fitness sensors to a core platform that combines all of the incoming data and processes it for health-relevant trends and behavioral indicators, such as sleep, daily activity, restroom usage, or movement around the home. The platform tracks the monitored person’s current status, daily patterns, and any trends in their sensor data that could indicate a negative health change.

Connection to those devices is handled by Hestia™ as a single sign-on, so the integrating platform only has to authenticate and communicate with Hestia™, not multiple device ecosystems and services. 

Embedding Hestia™ allows you to easily add the value of remote monitoring and trend analysis directly into your own application.

All features are available via Cloud-based API, for a completely white-label integration.

Hestia™ is currently integrated with a range of low-cost off-the-shelf sensors and fitness monitoring devices, with more coming online all the time.

  • Live Event Feed
  • At-a-glance status summary
  • In-depth historical and trend analysis
  • Rendered basic data visualizations in standard formats
  • Configuration and live feed of alerts
  • Care Recipient account creation and configuration