Hestia™ Research API

If you are working on transforming the smart home into a connected health and wellness device Hestia Research API can help you. A turnkey solution for creating a unified infrastructure enabling you to access, store, process, and hundreds of thousands of users integrated home, fitness, and medical sensor data.

Designed from the ground up to be sensor agnostic, scalable, and pluggable to support integrations with Fitness and Medical devices; allowing for multiple complementary data streams to be correlated for research hypotheses and analysis.

Don’t spend valuable resources writing your own sensor data integrator, onboarding and authing user accounts by hand, manually monitoring sensors, or pulling and processing data individually. Hestia™ Research API provides:

  • Secure, HIPAA compliant cloud platform 
  • Pluggable architecture 
  • Built-in capability to model physical spaces 
  • Multiple integrated smart home and fitness devices ecosystems 
  • New integrations easily added 
  • Full featured User and Administrator Management 
  • Built-in communications and notification capabilities